Create your paper and PDF catalogs from your Prestashop e-commerce

Mar 29, 2023

What is Prestashop ? PrestaShop is a universal open-source software platform to build your e-commerce solution.

What is Catbuilder ? Catbuilder is a software that allows you to create all the commercial documents your company needs : catalogs, promotions, price lists, product sheets, offers or even labels. You can share these different documents in several ways : in the form of a PDF document for your printer or for online consultation, in the form of an XLS or XML file for additional processing or directly on a website or an app.

Prestashop-Catbuilder Synergy

Catbuilder takes data from your ERP, your Excel files and now also those available on your Prestashop! to then lay them out automatically. Nothing is lost, Catbuilder takes care of copying the textual data and images of all your marketed products, but also the structure of the site (chapters, sub-chapters, etc.). The latter can therefore be reproduced identically in Catbuilder to create your various documents to be printed. In a few clicks Catbuilder becomes your main marketing tool. It saves you time, money, simplifies the updating of your commercial documents and avoids careless errors. How does it technically work? PrestaShop gives Catbuilder access to online store data via a web service. Catbuilder then reads all the data available (structure, texts, images) in your Prestashop to lay them out and transform them into a catalog and other documents.


Here, see some examples of products in Prestashop and their equivalent laid out in Catbuilder :






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