Monsieur Michel Comte

CEO of the company Keller Martigny SA
Pets, foodstuffs and accessories

I have made a leap of 10 years in drawing up my catalogues. I have brought satisfaction to my clients, and increased the visibility and accessibility of my products.



Madame Irène Fernandes

Marketing Manager at Formatub
Industrial equipment and public works

Catbuilder creates its catalogue easily, even if the first steps are difficult. The cost is not as high as a marketing agency. You have control over your own catalogue… The other advantage is that you are never alone.







Monsieur Josef Engelen

Director of the company Nicoll

Plumbing, manufacture and sale, Construction materials, retail manufacture, Plastics Catbuilder has been the best computer investment of my entire career! From a colossal piece of work, we have switched to child's play.



Madame Miet Suelze

Marketing Manager for Teconex
Electrical and electronic devices, retail

I have already had to reorder print-runs because the catalogue is not just a great success with our clients, but also with fitters...









Madame Cécile Brouet 

Marketing Director at Indigo 
Indigo imports lighting equipment and markets its products exclusively through a professional network of wholesalers.

When a customer orders the Indigo products, he knows he can count on a faster, more efficient and more reliable partner, he also knows he can find flexibility and responsiveness.
We use the software for five years now. We consider Catbuilder as a undeniable key to success that helps us every day to achieve our goals and be more efficient.



Madame Suzanne Paris

Marketing Project Manager Services at CRH Swiss Distribution
Gétaz-Miauton is the Swiss construction specialist.
First choice materials for the house : wood, tiles, bathrooms and kitchen. 

Working for years with Catbuilder, we met a great success, especially with the online catalog, which has become a daily work tool for professionals and for the internal service. We are able, through this powerful tool, its fast support, high availability and flexibility to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.



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