Catbuilder is simple to use

Catbuilder's management interface is simple to use and can be accessed by any person with a knowledge of current Microsoft Office Tools.



If you have a data management system (ERP software), Catbuilder is connected to this database. The information is directed to Catbuilder, which formats it within a defined template (catalogue, price list, tariff etc.).


If you don't have a data management tool, Catbuilder can be connected to an Excel file and format that data.

Once your data is imported, one click and a few minutes are enough to edit your catalogue.

It's as simple as that…


Catbuilder enables you to save weeks of work usually devoted to formatting and correcting your catalogue. 

But you can go even further… 

You can easily edit a specific catalogue for each significant client, with their own part references and specific tariff, and integrate that client's own graphic theme to customise their documents. 

With Catbuilder, you will give even more value to your data.