Make your first catalog : 10 mistakes you must avoid

Jan 09, 2017

1. Illustrate your products using mediocre photographs 

Your images must be treated. Attractive images will inspire your customers to know more about your products. If you are not the king of photography, do not hesitate to call a professional. And if you have the opportunity, prefer white background ones , they sell. To guarantee an optimized printed reproduction of a digitized image, the number of pixels available over the width and height of the image must be close to 300 pixels per inch or 118 pixels per centimeter. Also, the preferred formats are: TIF, JPG or Photoshop PDF. ✓ 

2. Do not use a graphic charter 

The graphic charter guarantees the homogeneity and uniformity of your commercial documents and your catalog. Take the time to carefully choose your logos, colors and fonts. Do not adopt too many different fonts and colors. Too much typography is dangerous for your communication! ✓

3. Overload the presentation 

For your first catalog you must concoct a skilful mixture of illustrations and texts. The presentation must be ventilated but percussive. You can help yourself with chips (bullets) and separators. Try to use short, fluid sentences and avoid too technical vocabulary.

4. Leave blank pages

You can fill in blank pages with information about your companies and employees, advertisements or notes pages. However, keep in mind that the number of pages must be a multiple of 4. 

5. Neglect the format

Above all, you must choose a convenient format. You have to think about the people who will handle it and where it will be consulted (in an office, a van, outdoors). It should not be too big, too small or too bulky.

6. Do not consider updates

Insert some recurrence. Your customers will appreciate receiving their updated catalog every year on the same date. ✓  

7. Do not use a professional to print your catalog

The professional printer will do a faster job, and a good quality / quantity / price ratio. ✓ 

8. Leave out the cover(s)

The cover is a key element in the success of your catalog. It must attract the eye. It must encourage the customer to open the catalog and make him want to go through it. You can adapt the cover according to the season, or the news of the company. The back cover may be more discreet, but it needs to gather some general information about your company.  

9. Do not prioritize your products

To make a fluid and pleasant catalog to consult, the hierarchy is essential. Try to combine your products into chapters and sub-chapters, depending on brand, product type or brand awareness. 

10. Do not trust you

You know your customers better than anyone, you know what they need. Trust yourself.


See you soon ! 

Some examples to inspire you :

exemple catalogue vins .png

exemple catalogue plantes fleurs.png

exemple catalogue charcuterie bio .png