What are the advantages of a multi-channel strategy?

Nov 09, 2016

"Multi-channel refers to the phenomenon of simultaneous or alternating use of different channels of contact for the marketing of products"

Between the paper catalog and the online catalog, no competition. Complementarity is the key word.   

What are the advantages to adopt a multi-channel strategy? 

• Multiply your communication channels helps retain your current customers.

• With a multi-channel strategy, the company enables its customers to access media information that suits them.

• The online catalog can be updated daily. But his counterpart, the paper catalog, is vendor itself. It materializes the company's offer. He is always customer reach. At a glance you can embrace the entire range.

• In your paper catalog, you can present your products in a comprehensive manner, and in the contrary, offer a selection of more ephemeral products in your online catalog. 

• Being present on the web helps boost your customer relations.

• The online catalog can trigger impulse buying. Its key word is speed. The paper catalog is your aesthetic asset, it's a display that transcribes the world of your brand. 

Whatever the medias you decide to use, do not forget that the goal remains one: satisfy your customer and its purchasing experience. 

Also, remember to respect your graphical chart. Use the same logos, fonts and colors for more consistency and readability.  

Catbuilder allows you to adopt this strategy, it allows you to generate a printed report (paper catalog) AND to publish your content on the web. 

From the data in Catbuilder, you can instantly publish your online catalog. Dynamically connected, the data are updated automatically.  

If you've already made your paper catalog, you no longer have to provide effort. You snap the web publishing and everything is available online directly.  

Don't hésitante to contact our team for further information.   


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