The Indigo case

Jun 20, 2016

Who is INDIGO ?

The belgian company INDIGO provides the import and the distribution of lighting equipment exclusively through a wholesalers network. The company has been active for over 20 years in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and in french speaking Switzerland. INDIGO selects its references depending on market developments and offers a wide range of techical and decorative products.

Why choosing INDIGO as an example ?

We choose to talk about INDIGO in this post, because we believe that the company fully exploits the capabilities of Catbuilder and Catbuilder Showcase to provide its customers with quality commercial documents and Showcase website. Get inspired !

The INDIGO main catalog is a gem. It brings together all the qualities required for a valuable commercial document : beautiful pictures, a clear and structured data organization, a graphic standard and a strong visual identity. Watch it HERE.

Now let’s consider in more detail the strengths of its Catbuilder Showcase :

All catalog products are illustrated with quality images : a picture on white background to highlight the product and several images to present the product in a setting. Clicking on these images, you can download them. We regularly repeat, polish your photos ! Quality photos on white background, that sells. It allows readers to focus on the products presented. White has undeniable advantages : purity, elegance and sharpness. Also, adding to the main image a photo of your product in action, in a setting, will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

For each product, several documents (PDF) are available. Some are generated by Catbuilder others are external. Associated with their pictogram, data sheets, manuals and CE certificates are readily accessible.

The products sheets from INDIGO website have an airy and powerful presentation. There are only short and equivocal sentences. The team selected icons (with tooltips) and tight lists rather than long paragraphs and texts. Another good point.

INDIGO has chosen to direct readers from its corporate website directly to the different categories of the catalog. These tabs are all gateways to the INDIGO Catbuilder Showcase.

Finally, a note of Cécile Brouet, Marketing and Communication Director at INDIGO :

« At INDIGO, improve service quality is an everyday goal. An INDIGO customer knows he can rely on a faster, more efficient and more reliable partner, it also knows that he will find flexibility and responsiveness. After five years using the software, we undeniably consider Catbuilder as a key to success that helps us every day to achieve our goals and be more efficient. » 


See you soon !


A double page of the main catalog 2016-2017


INDIGO's Catbuilder Showcase


An example of product sheet (available for each product of the online catalog)