The Clabots tools case 

Oct 20, 2015

After talking very theoretically the 10 concepts to achieve your first catalog, let’s move to the practical exercise.

To illustrate it, we suggest you the Clabots tools case study.

Who is Clabots tools ? You don’t know ? Really? Yet they are advertising in the field of large football Belgian clubs (this is perhaps not the best reference).

Clabots tools is a big hardware store offering a lot of products : tooling and fixing, paint, sanitary, in short all the perfect professional’s starter kit. They have three stores, located in Brussels, Court-St- Etienne and most recently in Liege.

For this event, they decided to give a facelift to their catalog . To do this, we collaborated together and revised all the graphics.

What are the strong points of this catalog ?  

1)      The table of contents

It is very clear and allows to find the right chapter in a glance. Mixing pictures and text really helps to find the right information in this table of contents. While searching a chapter in this huge thousand pages document, the use of different colors (also resumed on the edge of the catalog) makes it easier.

2)     The homepage of chapters 

In catalogs, the pictures are the most important thing ! It makes the beauty of your document.

They understood it well at Clabots, incorporating homepages of chapters full of images.

What’s the point ? Enhance the beauty of the catalog with pretty pictures of the products and insert a intermediate table of contents to ease (you guessed it now, don’t you ?) seeking information.

The best is the use of cropped images. We must be patient but the result is worth seeing.

3)      Paper catalog VS Internet catalog

In our business, it is not uncommon to hear « Paper is outdated » or « I already have an Internet catalog that my clients can see ». First thing first, we heard this since the 90s and yet we still prints catalogs.

Secondly, stop believing that you must make a choice between having a paper catalog or an Internet one : you need both.

At Clabots tools, they even explained to the clients how to order products online in their paper catalog.

What’s the point for these companies ? Be known and recognized ! Thenceforth, it is essential to vary the communication tools to be ubiquitous on the market.

4)      Chapters summaries 

A very nice thing do to for visual products such as footwear and protective clothing is to create summaries of chapters.

At the end of the chapter, you simply take the images of the products and make referrals to relevant pages. We love it !

5)      Products layout

In the last post, we explained you how to homogenized your presentations.

Calbots tools, in their last catalog, applied this technique very well. In all the document, we can distinguish 5 or 6 different layouts.

Just a last tip : more the product is expensive more it will take an important place on the page.

For example, we clearly see that for portable electro, there are only 4 products by page while for cutting tools, we can find more than 10. 


What’s your opinion about this new catalog ?  

In any case, we congratulate Clabots tools for its beautiful catalog.

 catalogue clabots tools 2016

The brand new Clabots tools catalog 

table des matières clabots tools

The table of contents, a real success 

Les résumés des chapitres

For your visual products, create chapter summaries

page d'entrée de chapitre

Chapter change is a great place to showcase one of your suppliers !

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