10 tips to create your first catalogue

Sep 08, 2015

This article is the first on our blog and to start, we will give you 10 tips to prepare well your first catalogue.

Firstly, why create a catalogue?

For visibility? For fame? As an order or information tool? Create a catalogue will allow you to give a boost to your business! Come on, let’s go, just follow our top 10.

1) Watch out of the fonts !

In a product catalogue, the font choice is not trivial. Ideally, choose one or two fonts and varying their variations "Bold" and "Light" for the titles and subtitles of a product type.

Another tip, do not exaggerate the size of fonts. Remember that the screen version will not be the same as the paper version.

2) Create visual cues

Before you jump heart and soul into developing your first catalogue, create visual cues. They allow you to define the space of each "block" (title, description, image, table, etc).

With these, you will have a layout to follow throughout your catalogue as a film following his script.

3) Images on the outer pages

A very nice little thing, very simple to set up and to add readability in your catalogue: place the images on the outer pages.

You will see, try it and you will adopt it. When your customers or prospects looking for a product he knows, they can simply scroll through the pages to see the coveted product.

4) Homogeneous presentation

Try to adopt a layout more or less similar for all of your products. Why? Consistent presentation allows the reader to find information or product easily. In three words: clear, clean and precise are your only concern.

5) Adapt page sizes

A4, A5, A6, A7, A8. We will not present the new range of Audi (not to mention). But we will of course talking about page sizes.

The most encountered page sizes on the market is, without question, the A4 (21.6 x 27.9 cm). For professionals catalogues, A5 (14.8 X 21 cm) is often used. Smaller and less bulky can be moved anywhere.

Our advice is to think of the intermediate page sizes, between the A4 and A5. It has several advantages: It is less cumbersome than the A4 but more readable than the A5. It also makes it stand out from your competitor’s catalogues with very little use to market size. Finally, the last but net least: It allows to make drastic savings in the cost of printing your catalogue!

6) Who will read your catalogue ?

According to the reader of your future and beautiful catalogue, your presentation must be adapted. For a professional, let’s prefer a clear presentation of your entire catalogue to ease research products. For them, the convenience is the key!

For a company in the luminaire market, the main concern is the development of products. The pictures are your main concern. We recommend a resolution of 300 DPI for images, a streamlined presentation (few products per page) and beautiful pictures of your products.

Think as a future reader, thanks to that you will submit the document that meets their needs.

7) The key step: the product's hierarchy !

Many companies have an accounting or ERP software that bring together all of their references. When developing their first catalogue we can imagine easily that they will want to use that.

Big mistake! Prioritization of your products is often different in your catalogue. It may be by brand, type of product, reputation ... As said before, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. The best is to make different hierarchy’s tests and approved them by your best customers.

8) The borderless

When you plan to print your catalogue, remember to insert a borderless in your documents. It is important to keep 5 mm on each side of the document. Without, it will be difficult to print in due time your next catalogue.

9) Frequency of launching catalogues

Do you remember the impatience with which you faced when you had to wait on the next Friday to enjoy the latest episode of Survivor, or waiting days to receive your new car? It is this feeling that you must instil in your customers for the launching of your new catalogue.

Everyone knows that the release of a new catalogue is synonymous increased the sales volume. It is therefore useful to provide some recurrence in the development of your catalogues.

10) Homogenize your business files

Did you create a catalogue? Great! But why not create other business documents using the same layouts and fonts. Get started in in the development of products sheets or promotions to increase your market presence and visibility among your customers

11) Bonus

If you get the chance, call Marco, says "the Artist" down home. In a round brush your catalogue will be ready to flood the market!

formats de catalogues

The page size between A4 and A5 can make huge savings!




Images sur les extérieurs d'un catalogues

Simple and super cool: images on the outer pages




Catalogue de luminaire

A clear and very classy layout




Catalogue destiné au professionnel avec une mise en page claire

A perfect example of a professional's catalogue